White Center is a unique community of approximately 32,000 people located now throughout 2 jurisdictions: unincorporated King County, and the City of Seattle. White Center has the distinct characteristics of an historic streetcar-era suburb, and has retained most of the original buildings constructed during 1912-1933.

Due to a substantial amount of inexpensive, small commercial spaces and the affordability of nearby housing, White Center has become a welcoming gateway for immigrants and refugees who arrived, settled, raised families, established businesses and grew social, cultural and religious institution.  According to the 2010 Census, White Center is comprised of 60% communities of color, namely Asian and Pacific Islander (24.4%), Latino (21.5%) and African American (8.6%). The top languages spoken here include English, Spanish, Vietnamese, Khmer/Cambodian, Tigrinya, Amharic, Arabic, Somali and Samoan.

White Center’s commercial district is another example of diversity. White Center’s downtown business district is comprised of approximately 150+ businesses in a 9 block area. For instance, businesses on the main streets include a Mexican tortilla factory, the historic SouthGate Roller Rink, several Vietnamese restaurants, the Salvadoran Bakery, and Cambodian fresh marketplaces.   For more information on White Center please visit here.

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