By Chelsea Shapiro, Sr. Broker

Seller Solutions: "I've sold my property... what now??"

We are frequently asked about the best way to sell a current home and find a replacement home. This has become even trickier with low inventory, higher interest rates, and is sometimes not desirable if an owner feels they've missed the top of the market and don't want to sell, but still need to move. Here's a few strategies we've been diving into lately and have compiled resources for our seller clients. Reach out to discuss further!

Rent Your Current Home

This is a great strategy for anyone not wanting to sell now (or at all). We have resources to help and even offer Property Management services to make being a landlord easy!  After finding you a new home we can assist with getting your current house ready to rent, source a great tenant, and facilitate all the leasing and setup.  This will turn your home into an income producing asset, provide you with a bunch of tax benefits and you can hold onto it while it appreciates more! 

HELOCs and Bridge Loans

These are great financing tools to close the gap between buying a new place and selling your current home.  We have several lender partners who deal with these products and can walk you through the ins and outs to see if it would be a good fit for you.  

Contingent Offers

This used to be an impossible strategy, but we're currently seeing more success in the current market!  Writing an offer on a new home that is contingent on your current house getting listed/sold is one way to guarantee you land the new home of your dreams while getting your current house sold and not having an awkward in-between “homeless” season.  We’re adept at facilitating these timelines and making sure you’re protected in the offer-writing process.