Delridge | West Seattle

A district within West Seattle, Delridge is a mostly residential area with a good portion of open space and surrounds Delridge Way, a main thoroughfare. The boundaries of this district are a little unclear, as the Delridge name is also used in reference to the collection of 11 different neighborhoods near the Delridge Valley. This region is home to several parks, the West Seattle Bridge, a golf course, a play field and South Seattle Community College. The Delridge district is bordered by Harbor Island to the north, Duwamish Waterway to the middle east of the region, Arbor Heights to the southwest, and by 35th Ave SW on the west.

Homes for sale in the Delridge district are reasonably priced and in close proximity to numerous amenities. Houses for sale in Delridge are both new and old, the older ones having been restored and updated to meet the needs and expectations of potential buyers. There are also townhouses for sale in Delridge that offer light/bright floor plans, private patios, granite counters, wood cabinets, stainless steel appliances, and many other stylish features. With attractions such as a library, golf course, community centers, parks, trails, and various shops within the area, there is always something to do. And with the West Seattle Bridge near the top of the district, there is the opportunity for easy access to the big city of Seattle!


by Charles Burnett | Sound Realty Group